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MATE translations are managed by transifex.


The following basic suggestions might be useful for translators:

  • Use machine translation and translation memories only as suggestions. Never copy machine translated stuff outright. Quality matters!
  • Install and use a spellchecker and, if available, a grammar tool like LanguageTool. If poedit doesn't provide a spellchecker for your language, extract translated strings with grep msgstr filename.po > file.txt and open it with LibreOffice.
  • Keep in mind that Wiktionary is a good resource.
  • If you're not sure, leave the old translation.
  • Do a search on “mate” in all files, especially if your language is agglutinative. You may well find several instances which need slight corrections after the change from GNOME to MATE.
  • When translating help files, please make sure to open the relevant application and check the already translated strings so that the wording in the help file matches the one in the application.
  • Some strings are already translated by GNOME folks but were not imported, Google can find them. For instance, let's consider “Whether the default browser understands netscape remote.” in mate-desktop. Put that string with the quotation marks on Google's advanced search, choose your language and add one word in the target language. In Turkish, I would choose “tarayıcı” which means navigator, so the query would be "Whether the default browser understands netscape remote." tarayıcı. Admire the results :)


  • Install transifex-client (documentation).
  • Create a .tx/config file for the project like this:
    host =
    file_filter = po/<lang>.po
    source_file = po/$package.pot
    source_lang = en
  • Create the $package.pot files with the command (if you got errors, maybe po/ need to be adapted for MATE renames):
    intltool-update -p
  • Push translations on transifex with one of those commands:
    # push a single language
    tx push -t -l it
    # push more languages
    tx push -t -l it,de,es
    # push all languages, skipping errors
    tx push -t --skip -f
  • Update translations with one of those commands:
    # one language
    tx pull -l it
    # all languages
    tx pull -a --minimum-perc=10
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