Status of 1.6

Status of ongoing development of the 1.6 release of Mate.

MATE Packages

Note: Packages are listed in build order.

Core Packages release g_settings deprecations features
mate-common 1.5.1 No Use None
mate-doc-utils 1.5.0 No Use None
mate-desktop 1.5.5 Done None
libmatekeyring 1.5.0 No Use Done
mate-keyring 1.5.0 Done Done
libmatekbd 1.5.0 Done None
libmatewnck 1.5.0 No Use None Middle click button to close window
libmateweather 1.5.1 Done Done
mate-icon-theme 1.5.0 No Use None
mate-dialogs 1.5.0 No Use None
mate-file-manager 1.5.1 Done jasmineaura DBUS interface, BACK vs. PARENT Directory Selection
mate-polkit 1.5.0 No Use Done
mate-window-manager 1.5.3 Done Done
mate-settings-daemon 1.5.4 Done Done MPRIS2 support
mate-session-manager 1.5.0 Done Done
mate-menus 1.5.0 No Use Done
mate-panel 1.5.4 Done sbalneav –run-dialog option
mate-backgrounds 1.5.0 No Use None
mate-themes 1.5.0 No Use None GTK3 support
mate-notification-daemon 1.5.1 Done sbalneav Option to show notifications only on one screen
mate-image-viewer 1.5.0 Done sbalneav
mate-control-center 1.5.3 Done sbalneav Set Metacity theme, Use GNOME Proxy settings
mate-screensaver 1.5.1 Done sbalneav
mate-file-archiver 1.5.1 Done Done
mate-media 1.5.1 Done Done
mate-power-manager 1.5.1 Done None
mate-system-monitor 1.5.1 Done Done
Extra Packages release g_settings deprecations features
caja-dropbox No use
mate-applets 1.5.1 stefano-k
mate-bluetooth 1.5.0 Done None
mate-calc 1.5.1 Done None
mate-character-map 1.5.0 Done
mate-document-viewer 1.5.0 Done XPS Backend
mate-file-manager-gksu 1.5.0 No Use
mate-file-manager-image-converter 1.5.0 No Use
mate-file-manager-open-terminal 1.5.0 Done
mate-file-manager-sendto 1.5.0 Done
mate-file-manager-share 1.5.0 No Use
mate-icon-theme-faenza 1.5.0 No Use None
mate-indicator-applet 1.5.0 No Use
mate-menu-editor 1.5.0 No Use
mate-netbook 1.5.0 Done
mate-netspeed 1.5.0 Done
mate-sensors-applet 1.5.1 Done Remove MateComponent
mate-system-tools 1.5.0 No Use
mate-terminal 1.5.0 Done
mate-text-editor 1.5.0 Done
mate-user-share 1.5.0 Done
mate-utils 1.5.0 Done Remove MateComponent
python-caja 1.5.0 No use

Removed Packages

Sometimes our purpose in life is only to serve as a warning to others.

Package Status
ffmpegthumbnailer-caja Removed
libmate Removed
libmatecanvas Removed
libmatecomponent Removed
libmatecomponentui Removed
libmatenotify Removed
libmateui Removed
mate-conf Removed
mate-conf-editor Removed
mate-corba Removed
mate-mime-data Removed
mate-vfs Removed
python-corba Removed
python-mate Removed
python-mate-desktop Removed
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