Replace mate-doc-utils with yelp-tools

Quick and dirty script to be run from within the help or doc directory. You have to give it the docbook file which needs to be rename to index.docbook.

#! /bin/bash

sed -i '/mate-doc-utils.make/d'
sed -i 's/dist-hook: doc-dist-hook/@[email protected]/'
sed -i 's/DOC_MODULE/HELP_ID/'
sed -i 's/DOC_ENTITIES = /HELP_FILES = index.docbook /'

for f in `grep -R "ghelp:" -l`;do sed -i 's/ghelp:/help:/g' ${f};done

/usr/bin/git mv $1 C/index.docbook

Warnings for translations

Some translations have warning which will need to be addressed at some point. Example: 'Warning: Could not merge <lingua> translation for msgid'

Current Status

Legend: Yellow is pull request send, not merged yet. Green is merged.

Core Packages Status LINGUAS xml → po
mate-common Complete None
mate-desktop Complete None
libmatekbd Not needed NA
mate-icon-theme Not needed NA
mate-dialogs Complete None
mate-file-manager Complete (ghelp: → help: only) NA
mate-polkit Not needed NA
mate-window-manager Complete None
mate-settings-daemon Complete (ghelp: → help: only) NA
mate-session-manager Complete (ghelp: → help: only) NA
mate-menus Not needed NA
mate-panel Complete None
mate-backgrounds Not needed NA
mate-themes Not needed NA
mate-notification-daemon Not needed None
mate-image-viewer Complete None
mate-control-center Complete None
mate-screensaver Complete (ghelp: → help: only) None
mate-file-archiver Complete None
mate-media Complete None
mate-power-manager Complete None
mate-system-monitor Complete None
Extra Packages Status LINGUAS xml → po
caja-dropbox Not needed NA
mate-applets Complete None
mate-bluetooth Complete None
mate-calc Complete None
mate-character-map Complete it ja zh_HK zh_TW
mate-document-viewer Complete None
mate-file-manager-gksu Not needed NA
mate-file-manager-image-converter Not needed NA
mate-file-manager-open-terminal Not needed NA
mate-file-manager-sendto Not needed NA
mate-file-manager-share Not needed NA
mate-icon-theme-faenza Not needed NA
mate-indicator-applet Not needed NA
mate-menu-editor Not needed NA
mate-netbook Not needed NA
mate-netspeed Complete cs ru es
mate-sensors-applet Complete None
mate-system-tools Complete services, time nl
mate-terminal Complete bg ro ja zh_TW
mate-text-editor Complete None
mate-user-share Not needed NA
mate-utils Complete None
python-caja Not needed NA
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