This page contains all the useful informations for MATE maintainers.

Install the development tools


  sudo apt-get install build-essential fakeroot devscripts

Get the build dependencies, replace mate-thing for the package you are building.

  sudo apt-get build-dep mate-thing

Checkout the git repository

  git clone [email protected]:mate-desktop/mate-thing.git

Prepare for release

  • Update version in and commit.
  • Update NEWS
  • Make a tarball and test build
  ./ --enable-gtk-doc --enable-deprecated --disable-strict && make -j5 && make dist -j5 && make distcheck -j5
  • Commit with version bump.
  git add
  git add NEWS
  git commit -m "Bump version to 1.10.1"
  git push
  • Tag git.
  git tag mate-thing-1.10.1
  git push --tags

Check existing tags

For checking existing tags use 'git tag' before you push it to orign.

Remove tags

To remove a local tag:

  git tag -d mate-thing-1.10.1

To remove from origin:

  git push origin :refs/tags/mate-thing-1.10.1

Publish tarball

  • Upload tarball to server in [email protected]:/var/www/pub/releases/1.10/
  • Update the SHA1SUMS
  cd /var/www/pub/releases/1.10/
  sudo sha1sum *.xz | sudo tee SHA1SUMS
  • Run update-rss to update the RSS feed.
  sudo /opt/pub/update-rss

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