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 release="1.1" release="1.1"
 version="1.1.0" version="1.1.0"
 # Get # Get
-wget -c http://pub.mate-desktop.org/releases/$release/libmatekeyring-$version.tar.bz2+wget -c http://pub.mate-desktop.org/releases/$release/$package-$version.tar.bz2
 # Extract # Extract
-tar xvjf mate-common-$version.tar.bz2+tar xvjf $package-$version.tar.bz2
 # Go to inside folder # Go to inside folder
-cd mate-common-$version+cd $package-$version
 # Configure # Configure
 ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc \ ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc \
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