MATE Desktop Manifesto

Traditional Desktop Metaphor

The MATE Desktop Project is dedicated to keeping alive the traditional GNOME 2 desktop metaphor. Many users liked this desktop, and found it simple, configurable, and comfortable to use. Our goal is to continue the development of this desktop environment, adding new features, fixing bugs, and improving the software as support libraries and other dependent software improves and changes.

Open Development Model

The MATE Desktop Project maintains an open development model. Contributions from anyone are not only accepted, but encouraged, if in agreement with this manifesto. We conduct our development in the open, on public servers for people to follow and contribute.

Open Relationship with GNU/Linux Distributions

The MATE Desktop Project is committed to making it easy for packagers to include our software in their respective GNU/Linux distributions. We will work with packagers to assist them in their efforts, and do what we can to make it as easy as possible to include the Mate Desktop in their distributions.

Alternative for Lower End Hardware

We recognize that the MATE Desktop Environment may be an attractive option for people running non-compositing hardware, such as older hardware, or thin client technology. While the MATE Desktop Environment wants to provide a first-rate user experience for compositing-capable machines, we are committed to maintaining the option of running the MATE Desktop Environment on lower-end hardware.

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