This is a list of the applications included in the MATE Desktop Environment, together with the name of the respective Gnome 2.32 applications from which they were forked.

Icon in MATE GNOME 2.32 MATE Translation to English Type
Alacarte (alacarte)Mozo (mozo)waiterMenu editor
About GNOME (gnome-about)About MATE (mate-about)
Baobab (baobab)Disk Usage Analyzer (mate-disk-usage-analyzer) Disk usage analyzer
Calculator (gcalctool)Calculator (mate-calc) Calculator
Control Center (gnome-control-center)Control Center (mate-control-center) Control center
Evince (evince)Atril (atril)lectern, reading deskDocument viewer
Eye of GNOME (eog)Eye of MATE (eom) Image viewer
File Roller (file-roller)Engrampa (engrampa)clip togetherFile archive manager
GConf (gconftool-2, gconf-editor)MateConf (mateconftool-2, mateconf-editor) DE configuration system
Gedit (gedit)Pluma (pluma)penText editor
Metacity (metacity)Marco (marco)framework, frameWindow manager
Nautilus (nautilus)Caja (caja)boxFile manager
Take Screenshot (gnome-screenshot)Take Screenshot (mate-screenshot) Screen capture tool
Terminal (gnome-terminal)Terminal (mate-terminal) Command-line interface shell
Zenity (zenity)MateDialog (matedialog) GTK+ command-line dialog boxes


Icon in MATE GNOME 2.32 MATE Translation to English Type
gweathermateweatherPanel weather applet
gnome-invest-appletmate-invest-appletApplet to track stocks
gnome-netspeed-appletmate-netspeed-appletView internet speed
gnome-inhibit-appletmate-inhibit-appletAllows user to inhibit automatic power saving
gnome-trash-appletmate-trash-appletShortcut to Trash
gnome-panel-notification-areamate-panel-notification-areaArea where notification icons appear
gnome-panel-window-listmate-panel-window-listSwitch between windows using buttons (taskbar)
gnome-panel-window-menumate-panel-window-menuSwitch between windows using a menu
gnome-panel-workspace-switchermate-panel-workspace-switcherApplet to switch between workspaces
gnome-sticky-notes-appletmate-sticky-notes-appletCreate, view and manage sticky notes on the desktop

FIXME : The list is incomplete.

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